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First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit, ANSI A, Restaurant Bulk Kit Plastic Case - OSHA Emergency Kit Trauma Kit First Aid Kits for Restaurants

First Aid Kit

    • IMPORTANT: The CPR Savers & First Aid Supply Home, Business, School, Restaurant, Car, Camping, Sports, and Hiking OSHA ANSI Weather Resistant First Aid Kit is an important item for anyone to have, not only ensuring workplace compliance to OSHA and ANSI standards, but also ensuring your employees, or family members are taken care of in case of an emergency.
    • WEATHER RESISTANT: The contents of the CPR Savers & First Aid Supply OSHA ANSI Weather Resistant First Aid Kit are contained in a tough, weather resistant plastic case, ensuring the product will last as long as you need it to, while refilling the kit contents as needed. The case is lightweight and portable, as well as able to be wall-mounted.
    • REFILLS AVAILABLE: Since the first aid kit case is built to last, we offer a more affordable refill option on all of the different kits in order to help you save money in the long run. The refills are pre-packed into pouches that fit neatly within the first aid kit case it corresponds with. The refill packs are designed with a unique center slit pocket so that you don't have to unpack each refill, saving a lot of time.
    • SIZING: The 10 Series is a basic first aid kit containing plenty of bandages and other necessary first aid equipment such as tweezers, gloves, and sanitation materials. The 25 Series is a more comprehensive kit that businesses can use to cover more people, and more needs, including injury, eye care, and burn treatment options. The 50 Series is an even more comprehensive kit that includes more items for more people.
    • BE COMPLIANT: While having a first aid kit is a good idea for any household, it is an OSHA and ANSI requirement for any business, school, or other public place to have one readily available just in case an emergency situation happens. The 25 and 50 Series first aid kits fulfill both OSHA and ANSI requirements, while the 10 Series first aid kit, even though it's intended more for home and personal use, still fulfills 2009 ANSI guidelines.
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